Why use a Fundraising Consultant?

Why use a fundraising consultant?

There are many different ways to raise funds, and so many people doing it that an entire industry has grown up, with it’s own jargon, and even specific laws to take into account. You don’t need to understand the whole world of fundraising – just enough of it to secure the resources necessary to achieve your aims.  Sometimes engaging a Fundraising Consultant is the most effective way to get what you need.

Charities and other not-for-profit organisations generally use a fundraising consultant for three reasons:-

  1. Because they need some expert external advice on one or more aspects of their fundraising activities.
  2. Because they need short term capacity in an area of their fundraising work.
  3. Because they want help in developing the fundraising skills and capacity of their staff or volunteers.

In all cases they benefit from the advantages of employing an experienced professional fundraiser, without the full and ongoing costs of employing one.

A consultant should be engaged for a limited period, to deliver sensible outcomes against a clear brief. (Not miracles, against hope, sooner or later.)  The key to a successful engagement is to have a clear idea of what you want and need from a consultant, what it is reasonable to expect, and what a fair price is for that service.

Sometimes it can also be necessary to engage a consultant as a stop-gap in a crisis, to keep a department ticking over, a pipeline of income in place or to get a critical event or campaign back on track.

For further advice on how to choose the right fundraising consultant, try these links:



Engaging a consultant is generally going to cost you more than the pro-rata expense of employing someone for that period of time. There are many reasons for this, but essentially the consultant is bearing the full cost of employment, including training, paid holidays, employers NI contribution, pension and much more. For a fuller explanation the clever people at Techscribe.co.uk have explained it better than I could, here.

If you are interested in discussing a possible engagement, please contact ian@oxfordfundraising.com or call me on 07894 210421.