About Oxford Fundraising

If your charity is small you probably can’t afford a large fundraising team, or highly experienced and trained fundraisers as they tend to be expensive.  However you may need that specialist capacity or insight from time to time.  That’s where Oxford Fundraising could help you. You can engage support for as little as a day, or as long as meets your needs, without the need to employ someone extra.

Oxford Fundraising helps small non-profit organisations to secure the money and resources you need to make good and great things happen.

We can help you with any of : –

  • grant applications,
  • reviewing your fundraising and developing a fundraising strategy or plan,
  • training, inducting or mentoring your staff or board,
  • developing a compelling case for support,
  • developing communications and/or brand,
  • interim support and project management.

You may not even know at this stage what it is that you need help with, and I am happy to spend a few hours with you for free,  discussing your fundraising needs, history, strengths and weaknesses, to assess the best broad way forwards for any aspect of your fundraising.

Who is behind Oxford Fundraising.

Oxford Fundraising is a grand title for one man, Ian Davis, along with the numerous fundraising specialists that I know and trust. My decade and a half of fundraising experience has largely been gained working for or advising charities with an annual voluntary income of between £25,000 and £1.5m. I was Head of Fundraising & Marketing at Child Bereavement UK for 5 years, during which time our income rose from c£775k to £1.7m. I was also Fundraising Manager and Network Manager at People & Planet between 1999 and 2004. In 2012 I filled a lot of the gaps in my knowledge by studying for the Institute of Fundraising’s Diploma in Fundraising.

I know the steps smaller charities and non-profits must take, and the elements you need to have in place for successful fundraising. Whether you are raising from major donors, grant makers, sponsored and community events, corporate supporters, shops, direct response or anything else, I have probably done or managed quite a lot of it.

Whether you know exactly what support you want, or you just know that your fundraising isn’t working as well as you need it to, give me a call on 0789 4210421 or email me at ian@oxfordfundraising.com.


“Many successful years of experience in fundraising, especially with major donors and high-profile patrons, gives Ian something very special to offer.”  Richard Dickson, Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire Community Foundation